University of Washington Campus Bike Structures + Enclosures Planning Study

client: university of washington

location: seattle, washington

duration: 2011–2012

For the mature University of Washington Seattle campus, the physical and functional implications of increasing bicycle parking spaces on campus requires proactive planning to integrate additional facilities into the campus fabric. This study evaluated the campus fabric against projected demand and use models, and developed tools for integrating bicycle facilities into the campus.

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The UW Seattle campus is a much loved, regional open space with a strong ties to multiple City systems. The challenge for campus planners is to steward this remarkable resource, keeping the integrity of the campus fabric while integrating patterns of use to meet future needs. The vision for the University of Washington Bike Shelters and Enclosures study grew out of this overarching campus-planning goal.

The UW envisioned a new campus standard for bicycle shelter and enclosure design and planning to stimulate a mode shift to bicycle commuting. Swift Company developed campus-wide siting guidelines for incorporating bicycle parking structures into the campus fabric now and into the future. Collaborative work developed demand modeling data to assess and project need. Campus character evaluation identified absorption capacity within campus districts and prototypical enclosure and shelter designs were modeled in typical campus sites to assess visual impact and best fit. The team’s final report will support future planning and installation of bicycle structures on campus.

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