swift company
swift company

As landscape architects and urban designers-as people-we are committed to the long haul. To wild lands and to urban grit. As a team we are committed to everyday service, and to always leaning into the future.

We prefer the minimal gesture, the humanly generous. We are not concerned with styles or trends. We are inspired and invigorated by questions. What if? Why? What is essential? Does this fit? Is it poetry? Is this smart change? Is this generous? Does it server? Is it enduring?

Each project, each circumstance, reveals the nature of its place: the ecological insistence, the power of the land, the illusive and solid. A successful, beautifully crafted public realm is basic public infrastucture, and the best society is fostered through this generosity.

Landscapes-wild and urban-bind individuals and culture inextricably with the nature of a region and the power of the world. This makes for sustaining realities.

This is who we are. This is our practice.