Northgate Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridge

client: city of seattle department of transportation

size: 1000-1500 bridge span

location: i-5 overpass, near ne 100th and ne 103rd st, seattle, wa

The Northgate Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridge creates an overpass across Interstate 5 and the regional headwaters of Thornton Creek. This project links the neighborhoods, businesses, and schools in the Northgate area, and connects North Seattle Community College to the Northgate Link light rail station and transit center.

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The Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridge spans 1500 feet and is part of a larger system that heals the I-5 divide with improved local and regional mobility. Swift Company worked with a multi-disciplinary team to integrate the bridge into its context of college campus, wetland, and historic landscapes, the freeway, and new light rail system. The design amplifies the context by providing a bird’s eye view of the journey from east to west, creating an experience unique to this location. North Seattle Community College and the surrounding community are the west anchor and the Northgate Mall and Station the east. The stormwater facilities and wetlands are sculptural forms with stands of columnar trees, over which the bridge flies as it slopes up slowly to reach the interstate. The ADA accessible path slips over the freeway to slope down to the transit station, making that ‘last mile’ a pleasure.

The Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridge supports the densification of the commercial core of the Northgate Urban Center, while simultaneously providing a livable, walkable, transit-oriented environment that is rich in high quality public places.


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