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Oct 2020
new hire

Swift Company Seeking Site Designer

Swift Company LLC is seeking to fill a Site Designer/AutoCAD and digital graphic document development position at our busy Seattle office.  For more information please see the attached full announcement.

Jul 2020
press release

OSU Cascades Land Reclamation Project Complete

The first of four projects creates the foundation for campus infrastructure, campus open space and classrooms. The 46-acre, 100-foot deep former pumice mine has been reclaimed through the processing and moving of pumice and landfill material. The material was innovatively recycled on site through the blending of landfill material, landfill cover soil and material from the pumice mine for a suitable engineered fill, raising the mine up to 40-feet in some areas and establishing rough grades for the future campus projects. More information here.

Jun 2020
press release

The Architectural League of New York American Roundtable Grant

Barbara joins a team of planners, photographers, lawyers, and architects looking at Washington’s South Beach community through the lens of community, health, infrastructure, economics, and environment to craft a portrait of the past and future. One of ten selected submittals out of over a hundred, the team is exploring a deeply dynamic place facing the future of sea level rise, tectonic plate shift and tsunami. More information here.

Jun 2020
press release

2+U Opens for You

Located at 2nd Avenue and University Street, 2+U opens for public use.  The network of walks, overlooks, plazas and hill climbs invite safe public access in this time of Covid 19.  Come, visit, enjoy and imagine a future of gatherings, food, conversations, concerts, and civic life!

Jun 2020

The Year of Gathering – Citizens First, Designers Second – A Webinar

BCJ convenes the second of two events on Finding Joy in Our Public Spaces for the Year of Gathering.    Barbara and Benjamin de la Pena join forces again for an hour-long discussion and touch on a new design tool kit for the ‘subterranean change occurring now”. More information here.

May 2020

Bullitt Foundation Grant Wraps

The Bullitt Foundation Thought Leadership and Innovation Grant in research, scholarship and action for the ”Leap Frog to a Shared ROW/Public Realms in the 22nd Century” wraps up with an assessment of institutional capacity for innovation and the impediments to rapid change in the way we use the critical public space – our streets.  Check out the final report here.

Apr 2020
new hire

Liwan Zhang Joins the Swift Company Team

Liwan brings her enthusiasm for design and the role of the public realm in civic life to Swift Company.

Feb 2020

The Year of Gathering

Barbara joins Lisa Picard, Benjamin de la Pena, Patreese Martin and moderator Peter Miller for a panel discussion focused on public space and the civic realm.  At the heart of the conversation are questions of trust, connection, community, and communication. More information here.