WASLA Design Award

The Sound Transit Northgate Station wins a WASLA 2023 Award of Merit for the design of a 2 acre multimodal district where pedestrians, cyclists, and bus commuters converge, circulate, and interact. Finding beauty in the daily commute and the intimate experience of transiting through a community as part of daily life takes on new meaning at the points where we move from one mode of transport to the next. These hinge points make or break the joy of a seamless transition that supports continued use. The Sound Transit North Link Northgate Station is one of those points, where joy and pleasure are a fundamental part of the design criteria in support of building a community committed to and comfortable with mass transit. The jury acknowledged this core criteria: “it is a delight to see a transportation project that promotes joy and pleasure for its users and transforms otherwise foreboding infrastructure into an artistic expression.”

May 14, 2023